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How to Deal With Cracked Drains?

The piping system of a home or commercial building can be quite difficult and needs regular plumbing maintenance to ensure that it works efficiently. Regular maintenance and servicing is also important so that any issue can be diagnosed at early stage and dealt with. A multi functioning piping system can cause many inconvenience to the user of a building. You can even face severe loss to property due to piping problems such as cracked drains, burst pipes, and more. Homeowners should immediately call a lumber when they notice any issue with the piping.

 A cracked drain can be a real health hazard to the environment. The contents of the drains can easily contaminate the soil and can also get in contact with underground water, thus contaminating it as well. This can spread a lot of diseases and you may also get an unpleasant smell in your property that makes your living very uncomfortable.

What Caused Cracked Drains?

Cracked drains are caused by roots of trees which can cracks the pipes in search of water. Old pipes which are made of steel can get corroded with time. In fact, calcium usually get built up within the pipes that exerts pressure on them and cause cracks.

Locating the cracks

You will need help of experienced plumber to identity the cracks. He will lower a drain camera into the drain so that he can examine the insides of the pipe. By examining the pipe from the inside, he can indeed confirm that there is a crack, and what caused the crack.

One best technology to repair cracked drains is the trenchless technology. Using this technology, your pipe will be repaired in few hours without causing inconvenience to you. Call you plumber immediately if you suspect a crack in drain to avoid adverse results.

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