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Key Reasons For Leaking Main Water Shut-Off Valve

In case, dripping water from your home’s main water shut-off value has been noticed recently, you probably might be wondering if it is a sign of a larger plumbing issue. Here are a few key reasons that cause leaks in main water shut-off valve.

  1. Usually, the packing nut is responsible for creating a watertight seal where the valve stem connects with the water line. So, if there is a leak at the valve stem, it is most probably the reason that the valve is not shut off properly all the way through.
  2. Once tightened correctly, the packing nut on the main water shut-off valve tends to bind down the “packing material” against the washer so as to seal off the water thoroughly. Over time, though, this packing material can sometimes get disintegrated or harden. If such situation prevails, it will not form a solid seal and will certainly result in leakage.
  3. And, if you are still able to notice the water leakage, this may be the result of a bad washer, which needs to be replaced by taking up the services of professional and licensed plumbers.

It is always recommended to get connected with certified plumbing experts to make sure everything works appropriately!

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